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The Future of the Commercial Industry is Here.


Be virtually present on location from the comfort of your office.

The Global Video Village™ is a revolutionary communications system that allows for seamless two-way A/V communication between 2 locations with a live a camera feed, enabling client or agency to have access to set - without the need to be physically present.

Discuss shots, keep track of schedules, stay up to date with the latest changes, all in real-time. This saves both time and travel costs, making your budgets more efficient. From the comfort of your office, you can virtually be on location.

It's just one more advantage, on top of the quality service you can expect from Milk & Honey Films. This saves both time and travel costs, making your budgets more efficient. Imagine if that travel budget could be cut in half. Think of the savings you could realize. This is money that can now be put on the screen, rather than being eaten up in travel, per diems and accommodations.

This is the future of production services

And there is nothing more valuable than time. With Milk & Honey Films and The Global Video Village™ the world doesn’t stop when you have a location shoot. You can be back in your office, bidding jobs and following up on other productions, and still stay on top of what’s happening on the project you're shooting with us. This system operates over an internet connection, possible in nearly every part of the world. As technology progresses, so do we.

This is the new way of production.